Futures as a Price Control Mechanism or Futures as a Legitimate Hedge?

 It would seem those in power have their capital tied up largely in equities. Think of the gold bashers, Warren Buffet, Charles Munger, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke etc…. Hence, the reality we have a futures market to prevent honest price discovery in any commodity or any other asset class where the debt based currency slaves might consider investing. I cannot say the Fed ever came out publicly to state “We will use our tools to act as appropriate to support the economy”, and intend that economy to be for investors and players in the mining industry?   Ironic as the economy must have commodities to operate, but apparently at an artificially low price to keep the equity bottom line high. Hence, the “economy” for those that produce these natural resources is suppressed to falsely create a phony economy for the elite shareholders. Think FANG stocks represent less than 1% of the market yet are the market.   Meanwhile the elite accumulate vast quantities of precious metals at low prices for themselves, i.e. pet rocks for Basel 3 Tier 1 assets as supreme collateral (as written into the banking regulations). Gold is a pet rock for us, yet supreme collateral for them. The big lie continues.

Just take a look at current PM ratios.

Warburton called it.

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