So It’s All About Liquidity

I couldn’t help posting this propaganda piece as it not only unfairly represents Judy Shelton, but also goes above and beyond to exhibit gross ignorance about gold.
So gold is not liquid? Lets ask a few Air Force pilots downed in a foreign land. Lets ask an investor who has a margin call. Lets ask a central bank…oops…bad idea… no…., do not ask a central bank, just watch what they do.

Gold is liquid but only because it can be trusted. Gold is also a governor to inherently police dilution in currency. Gold honors earned labor. Gold has no liability. What a wing nut idea.

If Catherine Rampell is of superior insight and education over “the right wing fringe”, i.e. Judy Shelton, and is worried about the global economy as well…., maybe the Washington Post can explain how we extinquish $23 trillion of public debt and $150 trillion of unfunded liabilities without creating a liability?

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