Hard Evidence of Gold Price Suppression in the good name of financial stability.

The two most worthwhile links I’ve seen on GATA of recent. One of the most pivotal links GATA has ever put out. The slideshow summarizes it all.http://www.gata.org/node/17836 Also, this recent speech by the Fed’s Monetary Markets head.  http://www.gata.org/node/17966

Eluding to the last paragraph of “New York Fed Official Celebrates a Century of Market Rigging”  http://www.gata.org/node/17966   ;…..I came to a dated article I saved by Antel Fekete written back in 2011.   Basically, he explains in simple terms the”straddle” which enriches the network of wealthy bankers at the expense of mom and pop who put their life savings into CDs  or those that bought Gold and Silver.   In short, it seems interventions by central banks, “both known and unknown to the public” (as Simon Potter of the NY Fed puts it) is not limited to FX and Gold.  I might see why it is so important to them to suppress Gold, even beyond the concerns of the US dollar.    Smashing precious metals in the good name of financial stability means continued profits in the bond trade.   Smashing precious metals in the good name of financial stability is truly an oxymoron.

“While I haven’t broken this down into a paper to prove it (and I see nothing positive coming out of contacting the ESS-EEE-SFE about this issue), I can assure you that it was occurring on a consistent basis across the entire curve. A certain issue would be bid up substantially above market value (as determined by several metrics), only to be gobbled up later by the Fed at an unreasonably high price. These players must have substantial pockets as we, the small guys (but with a decent capital base) would take the other side of what seemed to be an obvious fade. While this did not occur in every issue of the Quantitative Easing program, it occurred often enough to be obvious to any knowledgeable observer.

       While I am not sure that this can be attributed to a purposeful Fed policy or someone at the Fed talking to his pals, I am certain that it transpired.”



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