Financial Stability is the anti-thesis of Main Street profitability.

“Fed policy since at least 2008 is a complete disaster
The Fed does NOT work for the average citizen
The Fed, instead, does what its owner Banks want
This should do it! What more do you need to know? The lying, criminal Bankers DO NOT CARE about you, you neighbor or anyone outside of their Cabal. All that matters…and all they base their decisions upon…is what is the best course of action for the profitability and sustainability of the owner Banks! Period. End of story.

To that end, the Central Bankers seek to manage and manipulate ALL “markets” worldwide. Given the near impossibility of this task, the so-called regulators that work as pawns of this system look away as impassive, unconcerned observers as HFT the Central Bankers need instead dominate and destroy nearly everything. As an example, last evening the British Pound fell 5% in 5 seconds.” The Turd.

Where does the Fed draw the line between interventions that facilitate short term financial stability versus interventions that facilitate long term busts and bubbles? This question is in light of Larry Summers suggestion the Fed should buy equities? Does the Fed consider the impact to main street?   James H

“While manipulation of markets may well be technically illegal, and is certainly immoral, there is unlikely to be any serious action taken against perpetrators given the market regulators are themselves part of the governmental and economic establishment. Wall Street protects its own and a seemingly ever rising stock market is hugely profitable for those that control access to it. In theory all this manipulation will eventually lead to a mega-bust – and perhaps a soaring gold price, but this kind of activity has been going on for years unchallenged by authority – plus ça change.”

Lawrie Williams 10-5-16

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