Digital imprisonment options


Digital Assets, other than crypto-currency and precious metals are someone else’s liability within the Keynesian leveraged fractional reserve banking system.   If someone else cannot pay their liability, the digital asset may become worthless.    The digital asset holder who financed the digital asset may become bankrupt when the counter party can’t pay the loan.    Gold has no liability.  Gold is an asset that cannot be created at will.    Gold is not only full of faith, but inherently full of value.  Gold is the anti-thesis of credit.   Gold does not require trust, but is inherently honest.   Physical Gold is inherently honest in its unadulterated purity without leverage.    Gold is Gold.   Gold does not cause cancer nor is radioactive, but if Keynesian economists had their way, it would be.  Gold is the last man standing.

Now after all these years, the dirty little secret is coming out. Pet Rocks are in fact currency (Basel III regulatory collateral along with cash and marketable securities) that cannot be printed at will. It seems it takes sweat labor to derive a pet rock that elites value. Gold is the last man standing when a system of credit hinges on the performance of one’s counter-party. An asset is someone else’s liability (debt) unless you have an asset with honest inherent value in unadulterated purity unlike the leverage in a dollar, loan or derivative. Again, Gold possesses no liability. Few seem to grasp this concept.   Most certainly, gold must be evil as it is payment in full, and how can the US as a Nation pay its debts if interest rates should rise? Maybe gold?

Our national debt is $19 trillion –  that is with a “T”.    How my billion in a trillion?  The answer is 1,000 billion.
 isOur outstanding pension liabilities are at $121 Trillion.      Why do Gold Bugs like no one’s liability or what some refer to as Pet Rocks?    Most assets are someone else’s liability and that someone else is bankrupt.  Add leveraged derivatives to the mix, and the problems snowball.   Gold is no one’s liability.   Gold is the anti-thesis of debt.    Gold is hard to get.   One cannot print gold.
And silver?
Silver is more disliked than gold.   Silver is in bizzaro world (per Ted Butler).   Silver through 5000 years has been valued at a minimum of 1/15th of gold even though currently it takes 80 ounces of silver to obtain 1 ounce of gold after 5,000 years depleted supply.    Silver comes out of the Earth at the rate of 10 ounces for every ounce of gold.    Silver is used up in industry for 5,000 years, gold was not.     Silver is more volatile than gold, which indicates silver is a tighter market, which indicates it is in shorter supply than the less volatile, gold market (not to say gold is not volatile due to manipulation).  Silver is an antibiotic, so I’m sorry, silver doesn’t cause cancer, nor is radioactive, but it does function for the Hubble Space Telescope, as it also functions for solar panels, RFID chips, Apple smart phones, and nanotechnology.   Imagine what a terrorist could do with silver!   Explore the Universe, heal the sick, and provide infinite clean energy.    Precious metals must certainly be evil as a store of value as well.
Mainstream media thinks so!




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