The War on Cash – “Doing away with cash has nothing to do with “convenience” for you or “protecting you” from terrorists, it has everything to do with snapping a leash to your life’s collar!” Bill Holter

“The greed-diseased and power-obsessed Deep State oligarchs hate you for your freedom and love you for your money, and they are accelerating their plans to strip you of both. There are two things standing in their way: cash, and precious metals. The oligarchs are doing everything in their power to falsely discredit both of them in the eyes of the people. Cash and precious metals are physical manifestations of financial and human liberty.”

Guest Post: Human Derivatives and Gold

The Central Banker’s Survival Plan

Larry Summers on Feb 17th, 2016.

And Mr. Simon’s excellent analysis on Feb. 17, 2016:

Jeff Berwick at the Dollar Vigilante today, Feb. 17, 2016.

Mark of the Beasts: Summers, Others, Launch Strong Campaign for Cashless Society

Jeff Berwick at the Doillar Vigilante January 12, 2017.

George Orwell had a limited imagination.

Gold Confiscation.  It’s worse than you think.

Gold Confiscation: History, Myths, And Real Solutions

Trends Research


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