Nine politically incorrect questions for Central Bankers and US Senators


And some additional questions for the Fed, as a central bank, from Chris Powell:

Does the Fed or any other agency of the U.S. government intervene in markets, directly or indirectly, in ways not clearly announced? If so, what are those ways and their objectives?

More specifically:

— Are central banks or governments trading the gold market and related markets surreptitiously, directly or through intermediaries?

— If central banks or governments ARE in the gold market surreptitiously, is it just for fun — for example, to see which central bank’s trading desk can make the most money by cheating the most investors — or is it for policy purposes?

— If central banks or governments ARE in the gold market for policy purposes, are these the traditional purposes of defeating a potentially competitive world reserve currency, or have these purposes expanded?

— If central banks and governments, creators of infinite money, ARE surreptitiously trading a market, how can it be considered a market at all, and how can any country or the world ever enjoy a market economy again?

Will you comment on the documentation of such surreptitious intervention that is posted here?:

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