Sinclair’s words on silver


October 7, 2012, at 11:31 am
by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim’s Mailbox | Print This Post | Email This Post

Hi Jim,

I’m a member of the SilverStackers forum here in Australia. We discuss and educate newbies about all aspects of PM ownership, and the FED and JPM etc.

Many forum members were puzzled however by your recent expression:

“Silver will give you a cheap thrill followed by a spiritual experience devoid of a teacher.”

Can you elaborate slightly on this expression? (And may I post your reply for the education of the others?)

Best Regards,
CIGA Geoff P

Dear Geoff,

Silver’s final price, after its meteoric rise, depends on what the economic conditions are at the time of the End Game. Silver is industrial as well as precious. Silver is more hated than gold by the Banksters, making it the most hated of the PMs.

I must admit that silver aficionados are even more uptight than goldophiles in a gold price reaction.


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