CFTC Response to Silver Investors

Response from Bart Chilton, August 6th, 2012

“With those powerful remarks, Chilton suggests that he believes the particular events upon which the silver investigation has focused form part of a broader pattern concerning “market anomalies” that continue right through to the present day. Ultimately, I think the investing public will discover the hand of the Federal Reserve in these ongoing efforts to manipulate gold and silver prices as a form of damage control to mitigate the consequences of sustained easy monetary policy. I am certainly not alone in that assessment, as none other than Paul Craig Roberts — former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan — recently had this to say on the matter: “I suspect that the Federal Reserve is manipulating the gold and silver markets in order to prevent its low interest rate policy from undermining the value of the US dollar. It is easy to offset rising prices of bullion due to physical demand by selling shorts in the paper market.”

CFTC 2004 response to silver investors:

Click to access opasilverletter.pdf



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