Letter to CFTC October 21st 2010

Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:57 AM
To: ‘Chilton, Bart’; ‘ggensler@cftc.gov’
against complainants

Dear Chairman Gensler,

I have read the Washington Post article covering the comments of CFTC Judge
Painter who declares that his colleague Judge Levine has been responsible
for covering up manipulation and has consciously and deliberately abused
complainants in willful miscarriage of justice. If the Judge Painter’s
allegations are true, this is scandalous beyond belief.


But what shocks me most is the reported reaction of the Agency to this
obstruction of justice, which as far as I know is a felony,

Asked to address Painter’s notice, a CFTC spokesman declined to comment
because, he said, the issue was a personnel matter.

An attorney adviser to Levine, Thaddeus Glotfelty, said that the official
position of the CFTC press office was to decline comment and that “Judge
Levine has determined to go along with that.”

Could you confirm that the Agency’s official position on this issue is that
this is a “personnel matter”?

As you are aware myself and my colleagues at GATA along with thousands of
precious metals investors have presented to the agency innumerable
complaints about the obvious manipulation of the precious metals markets.
When one of your own Judge’s puts in writing that the Agency is covering up
manipulation and preventing due process on behalf of complainants and the
Agency thinks this is a “personnel matter” then the complete and utter
dereliction of duty of the CFTC as a regulator is the only conclusion I can

I look forward to your comments,

Adrian Douglas

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