Government now has the powers of God, and we should be OK with that, as government always looks out for our best interests, right? The same way government has looked out for our best interests with warehousing aluminum, robo-signing, predatory loans, an a currency that has gone from $1 dollar to .02 cents in purchasing power since the Fed was created. The reality is that government is made up of fallible humans that lack the integrity, skill and love of God. God can become the devil with a new election and a new administration. Think about that. Certainly, we should provide the tools to catch evil doers. This said, appearances might suggest this is an ISSUE OF POWER RATHER THAN actual PROTECTION of citizens. It is an issue of tracking the money. It is an issue of satisfying $17 trillion of debt. Who would not want the power of God? If anyone disagreed with your views, just pull their file, and make arrangements with a click of the mouse. With the power of God, the force will be with you forever. The only problem is that the force is them, not your Divine Creator.

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